Little life lessons from

From the Author

This book is intended to be a fun, beneficial reading experience. Each entry relives a particular moment from FRIENDS, whether it be sarcastic, romantic, nostalgic, philosophical, sentimental, or just plain funny. With more than 100 specific entries, there is something for everyone. 

The brevity of these discussion points (1-2 pages each) is essential to the easy-to-read nature that was intended. Each entry functions as a soundbite, including a quote or recollection from the show, a brief discussion, and a closing thought. This simple structure guarantees hours of reading pleasure. 

Naturally, much of the material in FRIENDS takes various points to comic extremes. Nevertheless, these can serve as excellent learning triggers. We remember and implement best those lessons that we associate with strong, emotion-filled memories.  By tying simple lessons to show scenes, they remain with you through the day, making you smile, making you think, or just enriching your life in general. So, enjoy a funny memory, reflect on a valuable principle, and perhaps become a better person in the process...

Note: This book is written for a broad audience in different  stages of life and with different personality types. What one person considers self-evident or elementary may be a complete 'eureka' to another. I hope that every person will enjoy the book in a personalized fashion, discovering their own gems hidden within.

The desired end result is simple: find what is useful and laugh at what is funny. I am confident that everyone can enjoy this book on some level.